Why You Should Regularly Anti-Foul Your Boat

Having a boat is one of life’s little rewards for your hard work and effort. Boating is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime and there’s nothing quite like launching off, the smell of the salt water and the breeze in your hair to make you truly appreciate your weekends. But if there’s one thing about owning […]

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Now You Can Have Your Boat With The Same Spray Job As Your Car!

Ever thought of have your boat and car sprayed the same colour and design? Most haven’t and it’s only for those that have a certain flare for the dramatic and like to make an impact where ever they go and with this fluro yellow job pictured you can see what we mean. Bradford Marine can […]

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What Colour Is Your Fishing Line?

Braided line is in a constant battle with colour; ­polyethylene (PE) fiber is naturally a white, opaque colour. One unshakable property of braid is that it’s hydrophobic, causing dyed colours to bleed. Companies use specific processes (held close to the vest) to maintain dyed colour firmly in their braids. For example, Cortland’s proprietary process is […]

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