Anchor Buddy Review

Anchor Buddy Review

Anchor Buddy Review

The Anchor Buddy is a stretch bungie line for Boats, PWC, Wave Runners, Jet Skis or other watercraft. The Anchor Buddy system will protect your boat hull from damage by keeping your boat away from the shorline. In addition, by anchoring your boat 15 mtrs away from the shore, your equipment is less likely to be stolen. A beachcombing thief would rather take something out of a boat that has been beached on the shore.

The Anchor Buddy attaches to your own anchor. If you have a good anchor, you can be confident that your anchor will hold and waves will not pry up your anchor like most nylon anchor lines, because the Anchor Buddy will stretch to dampen the force of wakes on your anchor line. We sell excellent collapsible anchors for your boat that do not take up too much space in your boat locker. Please see our anchor guide to buy the right size anchor for your boat.

When you get approximately 30 mtrs from shore, begin lowering your anchor to the bottom, and pay out line as you slowly approach the beach. When you arrive at the shore, exit the boat taking the remaining anchor rode with you. Begin pulling on the anchor rode. As you continue pulling the rode, you will feel the Anchor Buddy stretching. Continue pulling until the Anchor Buddy is fully stretched to its limit and the anchor will begin to set. Pull as hard as you can to ensure the anchor is fully set. Release the anchor rode and allow the Anchor Buddy to fully retract. Take the bitter end of the anchor rode and tie it to a tree, log or boulder, removing all slack from the anchor line without stretching the Anchor Buddy. Finally, return to the bow of the boat. Pull the anchor rode again until the Anchor Buddy is fully stretched. Cleat the anchor rode to a bow cleat. Give the boat a gentle push off the beach and watch as the Anchor Buddy retracts and pulls the boat 30 feet offshore.

1. Attach the Anchor Buddy anchor shackle to the end of your anchor chain
2. Drop a good anchor about 10 – 15 mtrs offshore. Most important, make sure that anchor feels secure after your drop it
3. Snap hook the anchor buddy to an eyelet in one of the corners of your boat
4. Motor forward a little toward shore and shut off your motor before reaching shore (Alternatively, some boaters throw a grabbling hook to shore and pull the boat in without starting the motor. This is a better method when you are worried about shallow rocks hitting your prop)
5. As the boat reaches shore, get out of your boat with bow line in hand
6. Let out your bow line to let the bungee line pull your boat offshore
7. Tie up your bow line to shore with a sand spike (shoreline stake) or another type of tie down on the beach
8. To access your boat at any time, pull your bow line from shore until your boat is close enough to hop in

The shallow water anchor buddy (or mini anchor buddy), is for PWC craft like wave runners and jet skis. The mini anchor buddy is used with a sand anchor, sand spike, or screw anchor to secure the bow line. We suggest marking your anchor buddy system with a floating rope buoy so you can snap on, snap off all day without dropping your anchor each time. There is one company that sells buoys called the Anchor Bobber. You can buy one of those buoys, or configure your own out of a rope float.


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