Antifouling Your Boat: The Pros and Cons

Antifoul is a specialised type of underwater paint that prevents different organisms from attaching to it. Antifouling is perfect for boats and other marine vessels because it ensures that microorganisms and macroorganisms like bacteria, algae, slime, seaweed, barnacles and muscles can’t attach to the underside of the hull.

It might surprise you to know that the concept of antifouling has been around for over 450 years! Between 1571 and 1872 there were so many ships on the water due to international trade, as well as naval war, it was known as “The Age of Sailing” and in order to ensure that the trade ships got to where they needed to go quickly, and the naval boats could outsail their counterparts, the ships needed to traverse the oceans efficiently. Meaning, there couldn’t be any strange sea clumps or creatures on the underside weighing the vessel down.

So, antifouling was born, using anything from copper sheathing to wax and human waste. Nowadays, there’s nary a copper sheath to be found and instead we use antifoul paint, a much more effective tool at ensuring the marine vessel stays safe and clean while out on the water. The biggest con that many boat owners have is obviously the cost and how long their boat will be out of the water.

Even though it seems like a large cost and effort, this con should be wiped off that list as your boat’s antifouling is a necessary tool for the survival of your vessel. The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to antifouling and so, when looking at buying a new boat the first question asked should be when the last antifoul of the vessel took place and who did the job.

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