Buying a boat!

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When it comes to purchasing a boat, boat selection is about knowing your own requirements. Determine what you want the new boat to do and in what conditions it will operate, then choose a suitable vessel. Remember that no single vessel will perfectly suit all uses. Therefore, you can either buy lots of different boats or be prepared to compromise. Ultimately you may have to compromise on price but avoid any compromise on safety.

Whether this is your first or 15th boat it is important to research your potential purchase carefully.

Bradford Marine

When choosing a boat, the most question you want to ask yourself is – what will you be using the boat for? Boats are designed with certain activities in mind whether you want to fish, ski, cruise, sail entertain or take long trips. Choosing the right vessel means ensuring the best performance, comfort, safety and enjoyment out of it. You start by making a list of the top activities you want to use the boat for, putting your number one preference at the top.

Depending on the activities you list, you may find a boat that closely matches your what you’re looking for. Or, you may find you need to settle on a few things to get the boat that makes your water activities easy and fun. To help you out, below is a list of the most common water activities and the boats which suit them:

Fishing: Inboard Cruisers, Sedan Bridge, Sportfishing Boats, Centre Console, Fish and Ski, Flat Boats, Bass Boats, Fishing Boats, Multi-Hull Cruiser, Multi-Hull Power Boat, Closed Bow Runabouts, Walkaround, Bowriders, Cuddy Cabins.

Bradford Marine

Water Sports: Fishing Boats, Fish and Ski Boats, Bass Boats, Stern Drive Cruisers, Bowriders, Closed Bow Runabouts, Cuddy Cabins, Deck boats, Inboard Ski Boats, Inboard Wakeboard Boats, Jet Boats

Entertainment: Pontoon, Deck Boats, Motor Yachts, Inboard Cruiser

Cruising/Trips: Cuddy Cabins, Motor Yachts, Sedan Bridge, Inboard Cruiser, Sportfishing Boats, Stern Drive Cruisers, Trawlers, Cruising Sailboats, Multi-Hull Cruising Sailboats.

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