How to Maximise Your Vessel’s Value with Our Insider Cleaning Tips!


The Bradford team know when it comes to maintaining your boats appearance and keeping it looking good isn’t just for looks, it’s also a vital part of basic boat maintenance, knowing the best way to clean your boat is imperative for any boat owner. It extends the life of your vessel and its parts that are exposed to the elements, improves functionality, and increases your return on the re-sell. Here are a few things you should focus on.


The main areas you want to focus on are the –

1. Interior surfaces – Carpets & Vinyl, Fiberglass, Cushions & Seating.

2.Exterior surfaces – Hull & Gel-Coat, any Canvas/Clears & Windows, Stainless Steel & Aluminium.

3. Engine (inboard, outboard) inside & out

4. Teak


When it comes to the Carpet you first want to give it a good vacuum to get rid of any dirt on the surface. Then with a nice smelling soap that gets rid of that fishy smell and water you want to give it a good scrub, then hose it down.  With Vinyl, you really should stay away from chemicals and just use soapy water after every use. This should maintain the factory protective coat and have your vinyl looking great for years.

Cushions covers need to be washed regularly to stop mildew and musty smells. You can use a normal Clothing stain removal for any accidental spills. Z

The Gell coat needs serious attention to avoid oxidation. You want to give it a paste wax once a year and to keep its shine just use a liquid wax monthly.


Marine Repairs

Marine Repairs

Your Vessels engine needs consistent washing inside and out. With outboard engines, begin by waxing the exterior, then rinsing it down with soap and water after use. it’s very close to a car motor, so you would clean them the same as your car engine. Use a microfiber cloth, never use a bristle brush.
With an inbound engine, you need to wipe down regularly to get rid of built-up dirt and grime.

When it comes to teak maintenance, you can wash down with soap and water but depending on where you’re located eventually, you’ll have to use an acid-based teak cleaner.

Teak Cleaning


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