Living on the Gold Coast has its serious benefits.

Living on the Gold Coast has its serious benefits, and never more than when those clear blue days open up and you just know that it’s a great day for a boat trip. My wife and I live for those days, having owned a 20ft Bowrider for some years now, there’s never a greater feeling than knowing the weekend is coming up and it’s going to be a pearler. One particular Winter day, knowing that it was going to be fine all weekend, we decided to get the vessel ready for a good day out on the water, a keen winter fisherman I was looking forward to hopefully catching amberjack. However, when I popped the cover off my lady (the boat, not the wife) I realised I’d probably left it a bit long to give her some TLC from the look of her hull.

Having dealt with Bradford Marine before, I knew they were professional and perfect for the job of getting the vessel back out on the water in time for the weekend. I try and keep up to date with the marine detailing and maintenance, as any responsible boat owner should, but there are times when life just gets a bit busy and you forget. This was one of those times. However, a quick phone call to Bradford Marine ensured I had an appointment for the full works, a complete hull cut and polish, as well as detailing of the material and carpets, plus anti-fouling.

They were also able to offer a marine craft pick-up and delivery service, which was great for us as it meant we could get the boat there and back again quickly and in time for our day out. The team was friendly and professional and they did epic work, with the bowie being back up and ready to go in no time. My wife and I enjoyed the perfect day out on the water, toasting to each other and Bradford Marine for looking after us…no amberjack this time though, but the day was perfect regardless.

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