Marine Anti-Fouling Services

Marine Anti-Fouling Services

Bradford Marine offers the latest high-quality Marine Anti-Fouling Services for all boat sizes. We offer a superior anti fouling service with both removal and replacement as well as first time application for all marine craft. With our dry dock facilities, we can have your boat out of the water and finished within days depending on the size of your boat and the particular job required.

Our Marine Antifoul Products and Services are second to none because of our expert professional staff that have over 100 years of combined experience which means that you get a better job every time! We only use the Highest Quality Marine Antifoul Products to make sure your boat is well protected for an extended period thus reducing overall costs and providing complete peace of mind.

At Bradford Marine, we have prided ourselves on our quality Marine Anti-fouling Services since 1995. Our bespoke Marine Repairs and Maintenance services have gained a reputation within the industry with marine craft arriving from all over the world. When quality counts Bradford Marine is your only choice and we’ll give you the quality and care that your boat deserves.

The Team have many years of experience with all marine craft and our facilities are conveniently located in the Gold Coast Marine Precinct in Coomera where we have a marine craft pick-up and delivery service available.

All of our Marine Repairs and Marine Anti-fouling Services come with our satisfaction guarantee and our follow up support is second to none. We also have all the DIY for your anti-foul needs with competitive pricing and super-fast delivery.

Call now for a free no-obligation pre-quote where we can give you a good idea of the pricing and turnaround times. Whatever your marine requirements just contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.


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Marine Anti-Fouling Services 07 5580 5555 Save Big, Dry Dock, Fast and Easy
Bradford Marine Antifoul Services Offers High-Quality Boat, Ship, Cruiser and Yacht Marine Anti-fouling Services on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
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Bradford Marine Anti-Fouling Services
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