Queensland’s Top 5 Yachting Havens

When it comes to yachting, Queensland is teeming with special places to explore while out enjoying our waterways. Here we list our top 5 yachting havens in the incredible state of Queensland.

  1. St Bees and Keswick (Pictured Above). These two islands are 14 miles northeast of Mackay and host a variety of stunning vistas and beautiful marine life. They both have plenty of calm inlets to anchor at with snorkelling, diving and fishing being on your itinerary. A small bonus for long term yachters is that Keswick has some holiday homes if you’re looking for a small on land stay to hop off the yacht for a bit.
  2. Maroochy River. This is the perfect place for some calm sailing. The Maroochy River is situated on the Sunshine Coast and is a host to all manner of water activities, from boating to jet skiing, snorkelling, kayaking and fishing. However, because of its many places to anchor and easy stream yachting, it’s not hard to escape the crowds if you want to and enjoy some peace and serenity.

  1. Cairns (Pictured Above). Marvel at the Great Barrier Reef below you as your skim across the colourful coral in Cairns. There couldn’t possibly be a top 5 list of yachting destinations in Queensland without including Cairns. Make sure you’re heading there at the right time of the year though, Dry Season between April and November is the best time to go to ensure that your yachting is calm rather than cyclonic.
  2. Fraser Coast. Though the main beach side of Fraser Island is not recommended for the casual yachter, the calm and quiet waters of Inskip Point and Tin Can Bay offer yachts the perfect haven from the wind and weather. The water is crystal clear and perfect to jump off into from the deck.

  1. Magnetic Island (Pictured Above). There is no better place to explore calm waters than at Magnetic Island. The palm lined beaches, granite boulders and interesting coral varieties make this coastal setting ideal for yacht exploration. Anchor off the island and listen to the slight breeze as it rustles this tropical paradise.

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