The 5 Best places around Australia to find sunken treasure

Buried treasure is one of the most exciting parts of marine history, and to be honest, something that makes boat owning even more fun, (if that were possible). Australia has a rich history of treasure hunting, from the gold Fields to the beaches; here we explore some of the best places to search for sunken treasure.

  1. Stradbroke island. One of the closest available places to start your search is just up the road on north Stradbroke island. Since the 1800’s stories of a mysterious shipwreck hidden among the dense reeds name fascinated visitors to the island. While many modern treasure hunters nave failed to find the wreck itself there have still been artefacts found within the area all the way up to as late as 1989. Check it out for yourself and you might be lucky enough to find the Spanish coin cache.

  1. Newcastle, New South Wales. While more of a modern mystery, this is still the kind of treasure that a wannabe swashbuckler might be interested in. Just off the coast of Newcastle a huge amount of trading goods from China were lost in a shipping container accident in 2018, that included two Chevrolet Silverado’s worth a combined $300,000. Although, if you are lucky enough to find them, they’re probably not going to be as useful as they were before the accident.
  2. The Coral Sea of Torres Strait are another spot that a keen treasure hunter could find their loot. Many ships that are said to be the remains of Spanish ships have met their end in the Strait. Covered in coral, now they’re just waiting for their next owner to claim anything that hasn’t already been found.

While sunken treasure might mean large bullions of gold or caches of precious gems, to most active treasure hunters, just a slice of history is enough. If you’re looking for sunken treasure locations that allow you to take in the majesty of Australia’s rich naval and boating history then next couple are for you.

  1. Sydney Harbour. The centennial is one of the largest shipwrecks in in Sydney Harbour. It went down in 3 minutes while the commanding officer attempted to run her aground on Taylor’s Bay beach. Now this piece of Australian history is used for research purposes, but you never know… If you’re a keen treasure hunter you might a hidden gem within this well-known wreck.
  2. Sydney Harbour. Centurion, otherwise known as the largest timber shipwreck in Sydney Harbour. In 1887 the Centurion was being guided out of Sydney Harbour when the guiding steamer became entangled in a larger ship’s ropes that caused a fateful accident and took the Centurion down to its watery grave. She now hosts a very popular diving spot with plenty of interesting things to uncover if you’re game enough.