Weekend recreational boater and fisherman!

As a keen weekend recreational boater and fisherman, it’s hard to come by a good, solid and professional performance from your detailing and vessel maintenance company. I live on the Gold Coast, so while I have access to some of the most beautiful beaches and waterways that this land can offer, it also comes with the downside of that coastal salt being everywhere all the time. It’s hard to get to detailing and servicing the boat myself as often as I should, plus I work full time during the week and don’t want to spend precious fishing time on the weekends having to do it anyway. That’s why I use Bradford Marine to ensure that my vessel is kept in tip-top shape at all times of the year.

Summer is particularly brutal here on the Gold Coast for the salt air, and while it’s a great boating season, that pesky salt gets in everything. Knowing I was heading out for the weekend to try my hand at throwing a line in, I organised a complete boat detail as I hadn’t done much with her myself and she was well overdue. In addition, I also arranged for Bradford Marine to have a look over my marine and electric systems, as I wanted to make sure my fishing sonar system was looking good, as well as just ensuring I was safe out there with all the electrical systems running perfectly.

You can never be too sure. Bradford Marine arranged it all with a smile and I had the boat back in time for the weekend. Took her to Stradbroke for a light workout and then popped her across the bar for some serious deep water fishing. Caught some good ones out there and never felt safer or more looked after than after getting Bradford Marine to detail and check the vessel.

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