What is the best Colour for your Fishing Line?

Coloured fishing lines Blog

Coloured fishing lines Blog

Braided line is in a constant battle with colour; ­polyethylene (PE) fiber is naturally a white, opaque colour. One unshakable property of braid is that it’s hydrophobic, causing dyed colours to bleed. Companies use specific processes (held close to the vest) to maintain dyed colour firmly in their braids.

For example, Cortland’s proprietary process is called Fiber Tech. But any number of methods used by different manufacturers have the same purpose, to drastically reduce colour fading and increase durability.

“Polyethylene fiber cannot be dyed like ­traditional fibers, since you cannot bond a dye molecule to this class of fiber,” says Konrad Krauland, PowerPro’s division president. “This leaves ‘painting,’ or surface coating, the only option. PowerPro has made significant advancement in recent years in both our coating system as well as resin management in our Enhanced Body Technology process, making colours far more stable and longer lasting on current line than even five years ago.

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