What is Antifouling and Why do you need it?

Antifouling is the process of protecting your hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat. If your boat lives afloat then the seawater and marine particles can build-up on the underside of your hull. This growth of marine algae can significantly affect the performance of your hull and your fuel efficiency. Heavy levels of growth on the hull can slow powerboats by 5knots and could increase fuel consumption by over 30%.

Antifouling paint isn’t your normal home wall paint! Modern antifoul paint is a special chemical combination that includes copper and biocides to obstruct the growth of marine organisms. There are also different types of antifoul based on your hull material, type of hull (planning, non-planning) and the type of water you sail on. Obviously ocean water and fresh water will present a range of different problems which have a variety of solutions but it always comes back to the same process, protects your paint and hull!

The amount of antifoul paint that needs to be applied will depend on the condition of the hull and this can be discussed on haul out depending on what your boating requirements will be for the next 12 months, in most cases the vessel may require  2 coats.

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